ZNC with some customizations
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# There is a pre-installed cygwin: http://help.appveyor.com/discussions/suggestions/427-pre-install-cygwin
# But it's old and misses some stuff anyway
# TODO: test msvc
clone_depth: 10
- cygwin_url: https://cygwin.com/setup-x86_64.exe
build_with: cmake
- cygwin_url: https://cygwin.com/setup-x86.exe
build_with: cmake
- cygwin_url: https://cygwin.com/setup-x86_64.exe
build_with: autoconf
- cygwin_url: https://cygwin.com/setup-x86.exe
build_with: autoconf
- ps: Invoke-WebRequest $env:cygwin_url -OutFile c:\cygwin-setup.exe
# libcrypt-devel is needed only on x86_64 and only for modperl... probably some dependency problem.
- c:\cygwin-setup.exe --quiet-mode --no-shortcuts --no-startmenu --no-desktop --upgrade-also --only-site --site http://cygwin.mirror.constant.com/ --root c:\cygwin-root --local-package-dir c:\cygwin-setup-cache --packages automake,gcc-g++,make,pkg-config,wget,openssl-devel,libicu-devel,zlib-devel,libcrypt-devel,perl,python3-devel,swig,libsasl2-devel,libQt5Core-devel,cmake,libboost-devel,gettext-devel
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "echo Hi"
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "uname -a"
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "cat /proc/cpuinfo"
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "cat /proc/meminfo"
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "cygcheck -s -v > $APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER/cygcheck.log 2>&1"
- ps: Push-AppveyorArtifact cygcheck.log
- ps: |
if ($env:build_with -eq "cmake") {
$env:cfg_suffix = ".sh"
$env:unittest = "unittest"
$env:inttest = "inttest"
} else {
$env:cfg_suffix = ""
$env:unittest = "test"
$env:inttest = "test2"
# stdin is broken at AppVeyor, so we open it explicitly as /dev/null
- git submodule update --init
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "cd $APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER; ./autogen.sh < /dev/null"
- mkdir build
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "cd $APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER/build; ../configure$cfg_suffix --enable-charset --enable-zlib --enable-openssl --enable-perl --enable-python --enable-cyrus < /dev/null; result=$?; if [[ $build_with == cmake ]]; then cmake --system-information > config.log; fi; appveyor PushArtifact config.log; exit $result"
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "cd $APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER/build; make VERBOSE=1 -j2 < /dev/null"
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "cd $APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER/build; make install < /dev/null"
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "znc --version"
# fix fork()
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "find /usr/local/lib/znc -iname '*.dll' -o -iname '*.so' | tee /tmp/files-to-rebase"
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "rebaseall -v -T /tmp/files-to-rebase"
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "cd $APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER/build; make VERBOSE=1 $unittest < /dev/null"
- c:\cygwin-root\bin\sh -lc "cd $APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER/build; make VERBOSE=1 $inttest < /dev/null"