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This PR Adds Documentation for the new Agit feature. Agit allows creating PR directly while pushing code.

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# Agit Setup
In Gitea `1.13`, support for [agit]( was added.
## Creating PRs with Agit
Agit allows to create PRs while pushing code to the remote repo. \
This can be done by pushing to the branch followed by a specific refspec (a location identifier known to git). \
The following example illustrates this:
git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
The command has the following structure:
- `HEAD`: The target branch
- `refs/<for|draft|for-review>/<branch>`: The target PR type
- `for`: Create a normal PR with `<branch>` as the target branch
- `draft`/ `for-review`: Currently ignored silently
- `<branch>/<session>`: The target branch to open the PR
- `-o <topic|title|description>`: Options for the PR
- `title`: The PR title
- `topic`: The branch name the PR should be opened for
- `description`: The PR description
- `force-push`: confirm force update the target branch
Here's another advanced example for creating a new PR targeting `master` with `topic`, `title`, and `description`:
git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master -o topic="Topic of my PR" -o title="Title of the PR" -o description="# The PR Description\nThis can be **any** markdown content.\n- [x] Ok"