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GiteaBot fa5dec966c [skip ci] Updated licenses and gitignores 18 hours ago
zeripath ffb7ab31f2
Estimate Action Count in Statistics (#19775) 23 hours ago
zeripath 468387e9ce
Prevent NPE when cache service is disabled (#19703) 1 day ago
zeripath bc4764ffc6
Detect truncated utf-8 characters at the end of content as still representing utf-8 (#19773) 1 day ago
silentcodeg f6c992974e
Add silentcodeg to MAINTAINERS (#19771) 1 day ago
Eekle 876cad0064
Allows repo search to match against "owner/repo" pattern strings (#19754) 1 day ago
silverwind ba7750d6e7
Update JS dependencies (#19767) 2 days ago
zeripath a9af93cb21
Nuke the incorrect permission report on /api/v1/notifications (#19761) 2 days ago
Lunny Xiao fd7d83ace6
Move almost all functions' parameter db.Engine to context.Context (#19748) 2 days ago
Lunny Xiao d81e31ad78
Move org functions (#19753) 2 days ago
silentcodeg 63f6e6c0bd
[doctor] pq: syntax error at or near "." quote user table name (#19765) 2 days ago
silentcodeg 2c66bd8afd
[doctor] update the help with fix capabilities (#19762) 3 days ago
silverwind ac8bee6aeb
Remove fomantic progress module (#19760) 3 days ago
wxiaoguang cc7236e852
Make Ctrl+Enter (quick submit) work for issue comment and wiki editor (#19729) 3 days ago
delvh 3b359b1629
Enable packages by default again (as described by docs) (#19746) 3 days ago
silverwind 9da3d78e74
Replace blue button and label classes with primary (#19763) 3 days ago
KN4CK3R ce52514762
Fix org package owner permissions (#19742) 3 days ago
Guo Y.K 3e5ea9a978
Update base.go (#19739) 3 days ago
silentcodeg c27268db21
[doctor] do not update User Stars numbers unless --fix (#19750) 3 days ago
delvh ad551bffc1
Fix incorrect translation key (#19744) 4 days ago
Eekle 260a28d8d5
Improved ref comment link when origin is body/title (#19741) 4 days ago
silentcodeg 6a052fba05
[doctor] explain what enable-push-options does (#19740) 4 days ago
silentcodeg e82db15cfa
Add doctor orphan check for orphaned pull requests without an existing base repo (#19731) 5 days ago
KN4CK3R 9ea9206406
ContainerRegistry - removed Basic Auth header (#19735) 5 days ago
GiteaBot 6d54799bbc [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 6 days ago
6543 af4caca8fb
Add changelog for v1.16.8 (#19724) (#19730) 6 days ago
Gusted bcf13b670b
Improve commit list/view on mobile (#19712) 6 days ago
Gusted 71ca131582
Fix issue overview for teams (#19652) 6 days ago
zeripath d494cc3356
Fix nodeinfo caching and prevent NPE if cache non-existent (#19721) 6 days ago
6543 00a981d341
Update go-chi/cache to utilize Ping() (#19719) 7 days ago
John Olheiser 3a245230f4
Disable blank issues (#19717) 1 week ago
f0x52 6680cca07f
clarify what session provider 'db' does (#19713) 1 week ago
GiteaBot 761d4f40be [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 week ago
zuzuviewer 77e9346342
Fix duplicate entry error when add team member (#19702) 1 week ago
6543 b135313c47
[Refactor] convert team(s) to apiTeam(s) (#13745) 1 week ago
Gusted 61f939359d
Use a better OlderThan for DeleteInactiveUsers (#19693) 1 week ago
GiteaBot cafa2dcb87 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 week ago
silverwind e45738e3c9
Introduce eslint-plugin-jquery (#19690) 1 week ago
wxiaoguang 368baf9e77
Use Vue to refactor pull merge UI (#19650) 1 week ago
GiteaBot d985dcc922 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 2 weeks ago
Lunny Xiao ea38e90e6b
Fix oauth setting list bug (#19682) 2 weeks ago
6543 f41c2bec4c
Delete user related oauth stuff on user deletion too (#19677) 2 weeks ago
Lunny Xiao cbd45471b1
Move access and repo permission to models/perm/access (#19350) 2 weeks ago
silverwind 8e8e936ada
Tidy up `<head>` template (#19678) 2 weeks ago
silverwind 318f360252
Update go tool dependencies (#19676) 2 weeks ago
silverwind 3c658dff23
Update JS dependencies (#19675) 2 weeks ago
Gusted 9d0253a9fa
Use better message for consistency check (#19672) 2 weeks ago
Lunny Xiao 64a40962cc
Fix new release from tags list UI (#19670) 2 weeks ago
6543 65ccff54ef
Update go deps (#19665) 2 weeks ago
singuliere 443675d180
[doctor] Add check/fix for bogus action rows (#19656) 2 weeks ago