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silverwind 94037ada24
Hook go-licenses into tidy again (#21353) 2 months ago
silverwind 48ef12b27c
Move eslintrc/stylelintrc to non-deprecated extensions (#20110) 5 months ago
silverwind 90b4d385dd
Update .gitattributes for .tmpl files (#18576) 10 months ago
silverwind 108f1aab5c
Add js vendor directory to .gitattributes (#18350) 10 months ago
silverwind 3a3cbcfdf0
Set correct language for Dockerfile variants (#17999) 12 months ago
silverwind 360d8e7c23
Remove unused Fomantic sidebar module (#16853) 1 year ago
silverwind e81edc02b9
Update JS dependencies and misc tweaks (#13741) 2 years ago
silverwind 7a30e97002
Enable syntax highlighting for *.tmpl on GitHub (#13571) 2 years ago
silverwind 46ef562a16
Update vendored .gitattributes (#12322) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 4f63f283c4
Rename scripts to build and add revive command as a new build tool command (#10942) 3 years ago
silverwind 848502d04c
Exclude vendor dirs from git CRLF normalization (#10911) 3 years ago
silverwind 1718a9591c Ensure LF on checkouts and in editors (#9259) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 8f1c311b90 ignore static files statstics for linguist 6 years ago
Thomas Boerger b3abc2775f
Dropped more or less useless files 6 years ago
Unknwon 72dd299ca0 Update .gitattributes 6 years ago
Unknwon 9266f28822 Fix GitHub wrong repo language detection 6 years ago