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silverwind 0647df3e83
Simplify fmt-check (#21458) 1 month ago
silverwind 399514453e
Configure golangci-lint to show all issues (#21106) 2 months ago
techknowlogick d8e6c99125
Add badge capabilities to users (#20607) 3 months ago
techknowlogick be824890e4
Switch to building with go1.19 (#20695) 4 months ago
Wim cb50375e2b
Add more linters to improve code readability (#19989) 5 months ago
silverwind 318f360252
Update go tool dependencies (#19676) 7 months ago
wxiaoguang 65f17bfc31
Refactor legacy `unknwon/com` package, improve golangci lint (#19284) 8 months ago
Sasha Melentyev c604c9ae66
Add 1.18 (#19151) 8 months ago
techknowlogick ed1d95c55d
use go1.18 to build gitea (#19099) 9 months ago
silverwind fe9626af29
Use `go run` for tool dependencies, require go 1.17 (#18874) 9 months ago
silverwind 2ddff74a54
Reduce CI go module downloads, add make targets (#18708) 10 months ago
6543 54e9ee37a7
format with gofumpt (#18184) 10 months ago
Bo-Yi Wu 948949f429
chore(lint): use golangci-lint to call revive and misspell checker. (#18145) 11 months ago
Gusted c98dd7a3e0
Remove unnecessary variable assignments (#17695) 1 year ago
Lunny Xiao 95d3266bee
Move user follow and openid into models/user/ (#17613) 1 year ago
Gusted adda27668b
Enable bidichk (#17610) 1 year ago
Gusted a4dc0c5a82
Remove `golint` as linter (#17609) 1 year ago
Lunny Xiao 5842a55b31
Move login related structs and functions to models/login (#17093) 1 year ago
Lunny Xiao 1bfb0a24d8
Refactor routers directory (#15800) 1 year ago
zeripath bdc1697729
Drop back to use IsAnInteractiveSession for SVC (#15749) 2 years ago
Ikko Ashimine 5b94a07ab5
Fix typo in .golangci.yml (#14933) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 6433ba0ec3
Move macaron to chi (#14293) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 42354dfe45
Move webhook type from int to string (#13664) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao c296f4fed6
Introduce go chi web framework as frontend of macaron, so that we can move routes from macaron to chi step by step (#7420) 2 years ago
kolaente 64133126cd
Update golangci-lint to version 1.31.0 (#13102) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 3878e985b6
Add default storage configurations (#12813) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao bf1970d0bd
Improve push update options (#10105) 3 years ago
6543 5a187f4bcc Add API for Issue set Subscription (#8729) 3 years ago
kolaente 7408942c80 Update golangci to v1.20 (#8432) 3 years ago
Tamal Saha 171b359877 Use gitea forked macaron (#7933) 3 years ago
techknowlogick 99a004c343
Update golangci-lint to v1.17.1 (#7848) 3 years ago
kolaente f9ec2f89f2 Add golangci (#6418) 4 years ago