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silverwind 9380bb6d0c
Consolidate security-check into checks-backend (#21882) 1 week ago
Lunny Xiao e72acd5e5b
Split migrations folder (#21549) 4 weeks ago
wxiaoguang 0614ae1c44
Remove unnecessary misspell ignore pattern (#21475) 1 month ago
silverwind 0647df3e83
Simplify fmt-check (#21458) 1 month ago
silverwind c3098076b5
Switch from jest to vitest (#21444) 2 months ago
silverwind 94037ada24
Hook go-licenses into tidy again (#21353) 2 months ago
silverwind 7044d34ae5
Update JS dependencies and eslint config (#21388) 2 months ago
Bo-Yi Wu 24b5a384d2
chore(security): Support Go Vulnerability Management (#21139) 3 months ago
silverwind b5d21c0adf
Generate go-licenses during tidy again (#21108) 3 months ago
silverwind 52c2ef7902
Rewrite go license generator in go (#21078) 3 months ago
zeripath 8080e23c9b
Move go-licenses to generate and separate generate into a frontend and backend component (#21061) 3 months ago
silverwind 49efd1fb96
Add go licenses to licenses.txt (#21034) 3 months ago
Kyle D c8ded77680
Kd/ci playwright go test (#20123) 3 months ago
silverwind b7a4b45ff8
Include go.mod in gomod-check and rename to tidy-check (#21025) 3 months ago
silverwind 647b2649b1
Make sure fmt catches all templates (#20979) 3 months ago
John Olheiser a48d6ba4b4
Go 1.19 format (#20758) 3 months ago
silverwind 6c4688e1b1
Add whitespace removal inside template curly brackes (#20853) 3 months ago
silverwind 74515d3d17
Remove debug output when coverage fails (#20733) 4 months ago
techknowlogick be824890e4
Switch to building with go1.19 (#20695) 4 months ago
silverwind ae52df6a64
Add markdownlint (#20512) 4 months ago
silverwind 339007bff0
Downgrade golangci-lint to 1.47.0 (#20445) 4 months ago
silverwind b8733e8f89
Update all tool dependencies to their latest versions (#20409) 4 months ago
silverwind 4c0fce8f7b
Fix eslint parsing errors, remove eslint-plugin-html (#20323) 5 months ago
silverwind 7740779b28
Fix versions check for busybox `sh` (#20358) 5 months ago
luzpaz d29d6d1991
Fix various typos (#20338) 5 months ago
silverwind c8e0fd0bcc
Add spectral linter for Swagger (#20321) 5 months ago
Gusted f9b172db65
Remove `GO111MODULE` (#20221) 5 months ago
silverwind 4d8e9f3b84
Normalize line endings in fomantic build files (#19932) 6 months ago
silverwind df0fb17d04
Modernize JS build scripts (#19824) 6 months ago
Bo-Yi Wu dadcaa4836
fix(CI/CD): correct CI variable. (#19886) 6 months ago
wxiaoguang 694441fec5
Remove customized (unmaintained) dropdown, improve aria a11y for dropdown (#19861) 6 months ago
silverwind b24db66a5f
Add 'make tidy' (#19800) 6 months ago
silverwind 318f360252
Update go tool dependencies (#19676) 7 months ago
jklippel 257cea654c
add a directory prefix `gitea-src-VERSION` to release-tar-file (#19396) 7 months ago
gesangtome c1198284bc
Check go and nodejs version by go.mod and package.json (#19197) 8 months ago
silverwind 929b07fe45
Update tool dependencies (#19120) 9 months ago
techknowlogick ed1d95c55d
use go1.18 to build gitea (#19099) 9 months ago
silverwind fe9626af29
Use `go run` for tool dependencies, require go 1.17 (#18874) 9 months ago
silverwind 2b9df564b8
Lock gofumpt to v0.3.0 and run it (#18866) 9 months ago
KN4CK3R 159c3f48af
Generate coverage with sqlite. (#18813) 9 months ago
silverwind 6767798eef
Move editorconfig-checker to lint-backend and remove JS wrapper (#18793) 9 months ago
zeripath 32599bf060
Increase the size of the webauthn_credential credential_id field (#18739) 10 months ago
silverwind 2ddff74a54
Reduce CI go module downloads, add make targets (#18708) 10 months ago
silverwind 37ead26e36
Fix `make fmt` and `make fmt-check` (#18633) 10 months ago
Kyle D a51d2114c7
quote MAKE to prevent path expansion with space error (#18622) 10 months ago
6543 6f6b8491da
add gitea-fmt back (#18526) 10 months ago
Gusted b53fd5ff90
Bump golangci-lint version (#18411) 10 months ago
6543 54e9ee37a7
format with gofumpt (#18184) 10 months ago
a1012112796 8581e2f4ec
update description about vendoring in CONTRIBUTING.md (#18280) 11 months ago
silverwind 0ed9b006e8
Add lockfile-check (#18285) 11 months ago