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docs: add `Edit this page` (#21981) 4 days ago
xtexChooser 21bcb92926
Add pnpm to packages/overview (#22008) 5 days ago
luzpaz fdfd77f478
Fix typos (#21979) 1 week ago
zeripath f6fd501841
Correct the fallbacks for mailer configuration (#21945) 1 week ago
KN4CK3R 7a4f7b35e3
Fix typo in sidebar (#21934) 2 weeks ago
KN4CK3R b2269dedf2
Fix typo in sidebar (#21922) 2 weeks ago
Xinyu Zhou a3c09fb36d
Improve docker rootless documentation (#21913) 2 weeks ago
Xinyu Zhou 68e934ab5d
Add option to enable CAPTCHA validation for login (#21638) 2 weeks ago
mpeter50 371dd96e3e
Clarify logging documentation (#21665) 2 weeks ago
Xinyu Zhou b4802b9b2e
Allow disable RSS/Atom feed (#21622) 2 weeks ago
Andrew Buettner 43aafc5ba1
Improve documentation for PAM and static deployment (#21866) 2 weeks ago
KN4CK3R 32db62515f
Add package registry cleanup rules (#21658) 2 weeks ago
wxiaoguang 0b993a0d04
Fix "build from source" document to clarify the `bindata` tag is required. (#21853) 3 weeks ago
delvh 55115dbb73
Improve pull/ push mirror documentation (especially for GitHub) (#21801) 3 weeks ago
delvh 8ce2dd588a
Add plural definitions for German translations (#21802) 3 weeks ago
Drew Noel 2cbea23d70
Add configuration for CORS allowed headers (#21747) 4 weeks ago
zeripath 99688ef994
Attempt clarify AppWorkPath etc. (#21656) 4 weeks ago
KN4CK3R 20674dd05d
Add package registry quota limits (#21584) 4 weeks ago
Xinyu Zhou a0367c2bf0
Fix typo (#21695) 1 month ago
Xinyu Zhou 20da666d6d
Fix docs relref (#21685) 1 month ago
oliverpool b6e81357bd
Add Webhook authorization header (#20926) 1 month ago
Xinyu Zhou 563945c50c
Refactor docs (#21627) 1 month ago
melkor0 8f85a49947
Update "email usage" page to current ver. (1.18) (#21649) 1 month ago
Xinyu Zhou 100448a007
Allow disable sitemap (#21617) 1 month ago
mpeter50 10b8506023
Improve documentation (#21612) 1 month ago
M Hickford 191a74d622
Record OAuth client type at registration (#21316) 1 month ago
RainboWu fbcf1ab477
Update macOS install command (#21507) 2 months ago
techknowlogick 6af1a0c8c0
inline gitpod image (#21494) 2 months ago
rock2dust c0888def50
Update reverse-proxies.zh-cn.md (#21484) 2 months ago
delvh 6771b1005a
Docs: Update the feature comparison to other Git Hosting Services (#20933) 2 months ago
techknowlogick 9fb251fb6f
update current stable version 2 months ago
KN4CK3R 0e58201d1a
Add support for Chocolatey/NuGet v2 API (#21393) 2 months ago
Yarden Shoham b474730cf6
Refactor Gitpod configuration to improve quick spin up of automated dev environments (#21411) 2 months ago
Yarden Shoham b5a54f03a2
Fix broken link to frontend guidelines in hacking guidelines (#21382) 2 months ago
Bill Wenrich ea3c6c6d7b
Improve clarity for camo proxy parameters (#21386) 2 months ago
rj1 56aabf3e8d
Fix some typos and update db transaction demo in backend guideline (#21322) 2 months ago
Joe Constant d7f0d8d8ea
Add redirect of /upgrade/ to /upgrade-from-gitea/ on docs site (#21330) 2 months ago
John Olheiser f82f1d05b1
Make app.ini read-only message more prominent (#21315) 2 months ago
wxiaoguang eaa67671cc
Fix doc and heatmap for the Vue3 refactoring (#21312) 2 months ago
Clar Fon 3d10193be2
Allow specifying SECRET_KEY_URI, similar to INTERNAL_TOKEN_URI (#19663) 2 months ago
wxiaoguang 3b6a7e5c8a
Fix the hook related FAQ contents (#21297) 2 months ago
Julien Palard ed255fd8a1
Typo in config-cheat-sheet (#21261) 2 months ago
Jack Vine 83680c97a7
NPM Package Registry search API endpoint (#20280) 2 months ago
delvh 0c51595eed
Clarify that `ENABLE_SWAGGER` only influences the API docs, not the routes (#21215) 3 months ago
zeripath 88c2e24360
Add KaTeX rendering to Markdown. (#20571) 3 months ago
ya eaa561145a
Update docs comparison.zh-cn.md (#21035) 3 months ago
wxiaoguang 01eb465c92
Fix PlantUML example in document (#21142) 3 months ago
Jason Song 5f127a729e
Fix typo of issue template name (#21117) 3 months ago
luzpaz cb3b3e519f
Fix various typos (#21103) 3 months ago
ya 5c70e6aff0
Update docs issue-pull-request-templates.zh-cn.md (#21030) 3 months ago