3625 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Lunny Xiao 36cbaec54c
Fix ListBranches to handle empty case (#21921) 3 days ago
Lunny Xiao 0a7d3ff786
refactor some functions to support ctx as first parameter (#21878) 4 days ago
Jason Song f59a74852b
Update gitea-vet to check FSFE REUSE (#22004) 5 days ago
silverwind d64063277d
Multiple improvements for comment edit diff (#21990) 5 days ago
花墨 7020c4afb7
Fix leaving organization bug on user settings -> orgs (#21983) 1 week ago
Jason Song 9607750b5e
Replace fmt.Sprintf with hex.EncodeToString (#21960) 1 week ago
flynnnnnnnnnn e81ccc406b
Implement FSFE REUSE for golang files (#21840) 1 week ago
zeripath d7f12af805
Prevent NPE if trying to restore an already restored deleted branch (#21940) 2 weeks ago
KN4CK3R a1ae83f36e
Workaround for container registry push/pull errors (#21862) 2 weeks ago
KN4CK3R fc7a2d5a95
Add support for HEAD requests in Maven registry (#21834) 2 weeks ago
Xinyu Zhou 68e934ab5d
Add option to enable CAPTCHA validation for login (#21638) 2 weeks ago
zeripath e77b76425e
Prepend refs/heads/ to issue template refs (#20461) 2 weeks ago
silverwind c2fb27beb4
Improvements for Content Copy (#21842) 2 weeks ago
Jason Song e4eaa68a2b
Replace yaml.v2 with yaml.v3 (#21832) 2 weeks ago
Xinyu Zhou b4802b9b2e
Allow disable RSS/Atom feed (#21622) 2 weeks ago
KN4CK3R 32db62515f
Add package registry cleanup rules (#21658) 2 weeks ago
silverwind eec1c71880
Show syntax lexer name in file view/blame (#21814) 3 weeks ago
KN4CK3R 044c754ea5
Add `context.Context` to more methods (#21546) 3 weeks ago
KN4CK3R 43ab9324c5
Fix setting HTTP headers after write (#21833) 3 weeks ago
zeripath c772934ff6
Adjust gitea doctor --run storages to check all storage types (#21785) 3 weeks ago
Lunny Xiao 34283a74e8
Allow detect whether it's in a database transaction for a context.Context (#21756) 4 weeks ago
zeripath a0a425a13b
Add some documentation to packages (#21648) 4 weeks ago
Jason Song bf2078640f
Load GitRepo in API before deleting issue (#21720) 4 weeks ago
Nolann 9f8e778918
Copy citation file content, in APA and BibTex format, on repo home page (#19999) 4 weeks ago
Drew Noel 2cbea23d70
Add configuration for CORS allowed headers (#21747) 4 weeks ago
wxiaoguang fb704f6c72
Revert unrelated changes for SMTP auth (#21767) 4 weeks ago
Jason Song 1d22911cfe
Extract updateSession function to reduce repetition (#21735) 4 weeks ago
Lunny Xiao 385462d36c
Fix dashboard ignored system setting cache (#21621) 4 weeks ago
Jason Song 5a6cba4cf4
Set last login when activating account (#21731) 4 weeks ago
KN4CK3R 20674dd05d
Add package registry quota limits (#21584) 4 weeks ago
Wayne Starr 8c1d9885e5
Remove semver compatible flag and change pypi to an array of test cases (#21708) 4 weeks ago
KN4CK3R fd89c062bd
Allow local package identifiers for PyPI packages (#21690) 4 weeks ago
Gusted 7b45092d66
Remove template previewer (#21701) 1 month ago
wxiaoguang 4d1e2b8334
Fix token generation when using INTERNAL_TOKEN_URI (#21669) 1 month ago
oliverpool b6e81357bd
Add Webhook authorization header (#20926) 1 month ago
kolaente 085f717529
feat: notify doers of a merge when automerging (#21553) 1 month ago
Gusted c2d2323fc8
Configure update checker on installation page (#21655) 1 month ago
Lunny Xiao 9a70a12a34
Merge db.Iterate and IterateObjects (#21641) 1 month ago
Jason Song 60dc48dc00
Sync git hooks when config file path changed (#21619) 1 month ago
Xinyu Zhou 100448a007
Allow disable sitemap (#21617) 1 month ago
Yarden Shoham 5f0cbb3e80
Make rss/atom identifier globally unique (#21550) 1 month ago
qwerty287 8430f738e2
Fix 500 on PR files API (#21602) 1 month ago
delvh 0ebb45cfe7
Replace all instances of fmt.Errorf(%v) with fmt.Errorf(%w) (#21551) 1 month ago
KN4CK3R 7c11a73833
Fix package access for admins and inactive users (#21580) 1 month ago
Wayne Starr 49a4464160
Allow for resolution of NPM registry paths that match upstream (#21568) 1 month ago
M Hickford 191a74d622
Record OAuth client type at registration (#21316) 1 month ago
a1012112796 e1ce45eabf
adapt README_{Country}.md stype name in localizedExtensions (#21486) 1 month ago
wxiaoguang dcd9fc7ee8
Refactor git command arguments and make all arguments to be safe to be used (#21535) 1 month ago
M Hickford afebbf29a9
Require authentication for OAuth token refresh (#21421) 2 months ago
KN4CK3R 876ee8c3cd
Allow package version sorting (#21453) 2 months ago