13622 Commits (036dd8a788468e7730b29982747cc3cf8829ce86)

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Clar Fon 036dd8a788
Rework mailer settings (#18982) 4 months ago
silverwind ae3b88bef3
Add default value for clone URLs (#20600) 4 months ago
PEN² cf40619215 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 4 months ago
PEN² 4f14c6de1e
docs: zh-cn translations for fail2ban setup (#20588) 4 months ago
Gary Wang 72b1fd7fdd
Should also support upper-case README files (#20581) 4 months ago
tryfail e56005f901
Fix typos in backup documentation (#20567) 4 months ago
Gary Wang 1a8d7d03fd [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 4 months ago
Gary Wang c35535ce07
Support localized README (#20508) 4 months ago
silverwind 335e918b11
Clean up and fix clone button script (#20415) 4 months ago
Lunny Xiao 589677fafb
Add disable download source configuration (#20548) 4 months ago
wxiaoguang 2c2f75cb2c
Fix default merge style (#20564) 4 months ago
KN4CK3R 66b623c2aa
Update login methods in package docs (#20561) 4 months ago
6543 0b12abcfb5
Add missing Tabs on organisation/package view (Frontport #20539) (#20540) 4 months ago
Norwin ff9b6fa663 [skip ci] Updated licenses and gitignores 4 months ago
Norwin 8a330b6b5b
Add setting `SQLITE_JOURNAL_MODE` to enable WAL (#20535) 4 months ago
silverwind ae3dde1c87
Rework file highlight rendering and fix yaml copy-paste (#19967) 4 months ago
Mohamed Sekour 0e61a74e5a
Add new API endpoints for push mirrors management (#19841) 4 months ago
zeripath e819da0837
WebAuthn CredentialID field needs to be increased in size (#20530) 4 months ago
Gusted 692707f145
Add latest commit's SHA to content response (#20398) 4 months ago
Ben Yanke 2b94b02f33
Improve token and secret key generation docs (#20387) 4 months ago
silverwind 33bb7c485d [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 4 months ago
silverwind eaf653f843
Rework raw file http header logic (#20484) 4 months ago
zeripath 7fe77f0167
Update lunny/levelqueue to prevent NPE when reads are performed after close (#20534) 4 months ago
Alex Papadimoulis c5bdea9bbc
Added guidance on file to choose to download (#20474) 4 months ago
zeripath 98f6670cde [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 4 months ago
zeripath 7a428fae4b
Ensure that all unmerged files are merged when conflict checking (#20528) 4 months ago
Gergely Nagy 99f2f826ce
packages/generic: Do not restrict package versions to SemVer (#20414) 4 months ago
zeripath c9c5bd88be
Stop logging EOFs and exit(1)s in ssh handler (#20476) 4 months ago
Gusted 9691d43101
Fix dashboard switching on Mobile (#20238) 4 months ago
Tyrone Yeh 8e3da0e27f
Modify milestone search keywords to be case insensitive again (#20513) 4 months ago
wxiaoguang 2c108d20ba
Fix i18n for email notifications (#20518) 4 months ago
KN4CK3R a846bfefd8
Extended permission checks. (#20517) 4 months ago
Tyrone Yeh 8b0e07e368
Add a checkbox to select all issues/PRs (#20177) 4 months ago
Tyrone Yeh 3bd8f50af8
Added email notification option to receive all own messages (#20179) 4 months ago
KN4CK3R 86e5268c39
Add Docker /v2/_catalog endpoint (#20469) 4 months ago
Philip Peterson 4604048010
Removed some vestigial code related to Range bounds checks (#20312) 4 months ago
silverwind ae52df6a64
Add markdownlint (#20512) 4 months ago
Lunny Xiao 6554d5197f
Fix possible panic when repository is empty (#20509) 4 months ago
Kevin Samuel 3f87525249
patch (doc): add heading to ssh flow explanation (#20506) 4 months ago
Norwin 2ae1675092
Show hint to link package to repo when viewing empty repo package list (#20504) 4 months ago
wxiaoguang 158f2746b8
Fix ROOT_URL detection for URLs without trailing slash (#20502) 4 months ago
Gusted b899b2df5a
Add Tar ZSTD support (#20493) 4 months ago
KN4CK3R a3d55ac523
Hide internal package versions (#20492) 4 months ago
Vladimir Yakovlev 5ed082b624
Fix org members bug (#20489) 4 months ago
techknowlogick a701fd35cf
Add labels to two buttons that were missing them (#20419) 4 months ago
Norwin 305372efe3
fix enabling repo packages when projects are off (#20486) 4 months ago
aceArt-GmbH ed6cd3cbb7
Display project in issue list (#20434) 4 months ago
Vladimir Yakovlev 4fc53a3f30
Make code review ceckboxes clickable (#20481) 4 months ago
zeripath a2cfcdb91a
Slightly simplify LastCommitCache (#20444) 4 months ago
KN4CK3R 690272d2e2
Fix Ruby package parsing by removed unused email field (#20470) 4 months ago