620 Commits (036dd8a788468e7730b29982747cc3cf8829ce86)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Clar Fon 036dd8a788
Rework mailer settings (#18982) 4 months ago
wxiaoguang 2c108d20ba
Fix i18n for email notifications (#20518) 4 months ago
Tyrone Yeh 3bd8f50af8
Added email notification option to receive all own messages (#20179) 4 months ago
Norwin 2ae1675092
Show hint to link package to repo when viewing empty repo package list (#20504) 4 months ago
Lucas Azevedo e519249266
Fix modified due date message (#20388) 4 months ago
zeripath bffa303020
Add option to purge users (#18064) 5 months ago
Ing. Jaroslav Šafka 8420c1bf4c
Fix checks in PR for empty commits #19603 (#20290) 5 months ago
silverwind e24c238ecc
Remove blue text on migrate page (#20273) 5 months ago
Gusted 87c563b706
Use dedicated draft PR icon when possible (#20303) 5 months ago
Chongyi Zheng 49f9d43afe
Implement sync push mirror on commit (#19411) 5 months ago
Gusted 0048595811
Remove U2F support (#20141) 5 months ago
a1012112796 cc42c6488a
fix delete pull head ref for DeleteIssue (#20032) 5 months ago
Gusted 796c4eca0b
Prettify number of issues (#17760) 6 months ago
Gusted edf14202fe
Unify repo settings & show better error (#19828) 6 months ago
6543 a9cc9c0f7a
Auto merge pull requests when all checks succeeded via WebUI (#19648) 6 months ago
Sandro Santilli 52c2e82813
Custom regexp external issues (#17624) 6 months ago
Roger Luo 2ae45cebbf
Feature: Find files in repo (#15028) 6 months ago
André Jaenisch c1c07e533c
Improve wording on delete access token modal (#19909) 6 months ago
zeripath d8236f1b16
Ensure minimum mirror interval is reported on settings page (#19895) 6 months ago
André Jaenisch 73382d2132
Add alt text to logo (#19892) 6 months ago
Paweł Bogusławski 14d96ff7ac
Disable unnecessary mirroring elements (#18527) 6 months ago
wxiaoguang e0273bad72
Fix i18n for Link Account button, re-format tmpl (#19835) 6 months ago
zeripath ffb7ab31f2
Estimate Action Count in Statistics (#19775) 6 months ago
Jack Hay 7e19200e53
Add tooltip to pending PR comments (#19662) 7 months ago
Lunny Xiao 9efa47131f
Admin should not delete himself (#19423) 7 months ago
Lunny Xiao d4834071da
Repository level enable package or disable (#19323) 7 months ago
delvh 5ca224a789
Allow to mark files in a PR as viewed (#19007) 7 months ago
kolaente 59b30f060a
Auto merge pull requests when all checks succeeded via API (#9307) 7 months ago
neon 0483ee8f69
Add "Reference" section to Issue view sidebar (#19609) 7 months ago
qwerty287 8eb1cd9264
Add "Allow edits from maintainer" feature (#18002) 7 months ago
Lunny Xiao 03eba32bd9
Add a new menu in file view to open blame view and fix blame view select range bug (#19500) 7 months ago
ktprograms ef164d33c2
Add RSS Feed buttons to Repo, User and Org pages (#19370) 7 months ago
KN4CK3R 18727df73a
Add Helm Chart registry (#19406) 7 months ago
原俊杰 184302665f
Show ssh command directly in template instead of i18n translation (#19335) 8 months ago
Steven be9ef15f8a
Fix links to packages documentation (#19315) 8 months ago
zeripath c88547ce71
Add Goroutine stack inspector to admin/monitor (#19207) 8 months ago
Norwin 9cbeab440e
fix link to package registry docs (#19268) 8 months ago
KN4CK3R 1d332342db
Add Package Registry (#16510) 8 months ago
zeripath 90e0a402c1
Show last cron messages on monitor page (#19223) 8 months ago
Pilou 893c8938fc
New cron task: delete old system notices (#19219) 8 months ago
MeIchthys f7883a6aec
Update issue_no_dependencies description (#19112) 8 months ago
zeripath 7fc5fd6415
Do not send activation email if manual confirm is set (#19119) 9 months ago
Otto Richter (fnetX) ea46142bce
Add button for issue deletion (#19032) 9 months ago
Roger Luo bbce905b6a
Feature: show issue assignee on project board (#15232) 9 months ago
Jimmy Praet 5184c83f6b
Add config option to disable "Update branch by rebase" (#18745) 9 months ago
zeripath 4e57bd1d30
Add number in queue status to monitor page (#18712) 10 months ago
Sven Seeberg 832ce406ae
Add LDAP group sync to Teams, fixes #1395 (#16299) 10 months ago
Lunny Xiao 0c70b4c211
Fix bug for version update hint (#18701) 10 months ago
zeripath eb748f5f3c
Add apply-patch, basic revert and cherry-pick functionality (#17902) 10 months ago
wxiaoguang c2a3e38194
Fix the missing i18n key for update checker (#18646) 10 months ago