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wxiaoguang c18d8d6968
Remove legacy `+build:` constraint (#19582)
9 months ago
John Olheiser 648464b504
Add bundle download for repository (#14538)
1 year ago
silverwind c3802dcc0f
Use binary version of revive linter (#15739)
2 years ago
techknowlogick 1c3278c2fa
update revive lint to latest commit (#12921)
2 years ago
6543 ee97e6a66a
Update gitea-vet to v0.2.1 (#12282)
3 years ago
John Olheiser baadb51445
Add gitea-vet (#10948)
3 years ago
guillep2k b74d30ae27
Prevent support libraries from compiling into Gitea (#10964)
3 years ago