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John Olheiser 642db3c8f7
Fix `delete_repo` in template (#22606)
11 hours ago
admin Display unreferenced packages total size in package admin panel (#22498) 1 week ago
api/packages/pypi Add Package Registry (#16510) 10 months ago
base Simplify the error message when `index.js` couldn't be loaded (#22354) 1 week ago
code Run `make fmt` (#21437) 4 months ago
custom Add footer extra links template (#9576) 3 years ago
explore improve explore relevancy note (#22421) 2 weeks ago
mail Add reply hint to mail text (#22459) 1 week ago
org set org visibility class to basic in header (#22605) 13 hours ago
package Fix container blob mount (#22226) 1 week ago
projects Support org/user level projects (#22235) 7 days ago
repo Add templates to customize text when creating and migrating repositories 2 days ago
shared Pull Requests: add color to approved/reject icon in pull requests list 7 days ago
status Remove fomantic image module (#21145) 5 months ago
swagger Add API endpoint to get latest release (#21267) 15 hours ago
user Fix `delete_repo` in template (#22606) 11 hours ago
home.tmpl fix(web): add `alt` for logo in home page (#21887) 2 months ago
install.tmpl Clean up formatting on install page (#21668) 3 months ago
post-install.tmpl Rename StaticUrlPrefix to AssetUrlPrefix (#15779) 2 years ago