46705 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel Engberg cf443e84f5 tools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.45.5 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Engberg 477d1c540e tools/gmp: Remove obsolete options 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Engberg 4b591c5e6b tools/sed: Update to 4.8 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Engberg 82211e5f49 tools/patchelf: Update to 0.10 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Engberg 0ffb7b02ba tools/libressl: Update to 3.0.2 2 weeks ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 18c95c9d6e ath79: add gpio4 pinmux on TL-WR841N/ND v8, WR842N v2, MR3420 v2 2 weeks ago
  Adrian Schmutzler dc145de4be ath79: move mikrotik-caldata.sh to target base-files 1 day ago
  David Bauer d2b8ccb1c0 ath79: add support for Siemens WS-AP3610 1 week ago
  David Bauer ae35ff5767 ath79: backport phy reset-controller patches 1 week ago
  Jason A. Donenfeld 49caf9f98a wireguard: bump to 0.0.20200215 4 days ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 7d7aa2fd92 brcm2708: rename target to bcm27xx 1 week ago
  Adrian Schmutzler e7bfda2c24 brcm63xx: rename target to bcm63xx 1 week ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 8fe5ad5d33 brcm47xx: rename target to bcm47xx 1 week ago
  DENG Qingfang 8590e70fab ramips: fix HiWiFi HC5761A switch settings 1 week ago
  DENG Qingfang 5715b21f80 iproute2: update to 5.5.0, enable LTO 1 week ago
  Paul Spooren 73f3ad1df2 build: fix empty SUBTARGET in json files 1 week ago
  Tomislav Požega cd5dbba905 mac80211: expose chanbw support to debugfs for ath9k_htc 1 year ago
  Michael Yartys 1862263883 ath10k-firmware: update ath10k-ct firmware 2 weeks ago
  Michael Yartys 67174adc94 ath10k-ct: update to 2020-01-29 2 weeks ago
  Aleksander Jan Bajkowski 5499b24dc0 sunxi: backport increased SATA/AHCI DMA TX/RX FIFOs 1 week ago
  Adrian Schmutzler fbd00bb8d4 ath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WR940N v6 6 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 49ff00db34 ath79: enable forceless sysupgrade from ar71xx on fritz300e 6 days ago
  Mathias Kresin 35ab804ea7 kernel: swconfig: make compatible with kernel 5.2 7 months ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 04069fde19 uhttpd: update to latest Git HEAD 6 days ago
  Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant dba431d8ab procd: seccomp: fix resource leak 1 week ago
  Rafał Miłecki 15a0701cdd kernel: rewrite run_parsers_by_type() to use add_mtd_partitions() 1 week ago
  Sungbo Eo be3e98ce26 ramips: append tail to WF2881 initramfs image 1 week ago
  Christian Buschau fb99ac6807 ath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WA830RE v1 1 week ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 273e00c4a5 ath79: reorganize DTSI for ar7240 TP-Link devices 1 week ago
  Chuanhong Guo 9c19c35d1e ath79: restore pin state on probe for ar934x-spi 1 week ago
  Hans Dedecker 7df120b1b0 uci: fix PKG_SOURCE_VERSION value 1 week ago
  Jason A. Donenfeld cb17d7aed7 wireguard-tools: bump to 1.0.20200206 1 week ago
  Hans Dedecker 39a49c2d6a procd: update to latest git HEAD 1 week ago
  Adrian Schmutzler ceed4638f6 brcm63xx: apply updated compatibles for selecting board_info 1 week ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 7f1ec1cc79 brcm63xx: be more specific about SOC names 1 month ago
  Adrian Schmutzler d0e8e6db6b brcm63xx: align DTS model with Makefile and compatible 1 month ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 0a3350d908 brcm63xx: use compatible instead of manually setting board name 1 month ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 78b422ad79 brcm63xx: remove unneeded line break for DEVICE_PACKAGES 1 month ago
  Adrian Schmutzler e4ba8c8294 brcm63xx: use more systematic names for image and DTS files 1 month ago
  Sungbo Eo 757715c474 kernel: move b43 install function to broadcom.mk 1 week ago
  Sungbo Eo 9d03eede18 kernel: fix typos in KernelPackage description 1 week ago
  Jo-Philipp Wich 766e778226 hostapd: remove erroneous $(space) redefinition 1 week ago
  Sungbo Eo cc89c5fe27 ramips: fix device name of netis WF-2881 to WF2881 4 months ago
  Sungbo Eo e030d162f7 ramips: use nand_do_upgrade for netis WF-2881 4 months ago
  Lech Perczak 52a0bd3334 ath79: add LED trigger for TL-WR902AC v1 WAN LED 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Golle 16031ebaf8 ath79: add support for Atheros AR934x HS UART 2 weeks ago
  Daniel Golle b439d3bfb5 ath79: ar933x_uart: set UART_CS_{RX,TX}_READY_ORIDE 1 week ago
  Dan Haab 1d47f81581 bcm53xx: build images for Luxul ABR-4500 and XBR-4500 routers 1 week ago
  Dan Haab 9aa6569aa6 firmware-utils: add lxlfw tool for generating Luxul firmwares 1 week ago
  Chuanhong Guo dd280444b3 ath79: ag71xx: use netif_receive_skb_list on 4.19 1 month ago