49008 Commits (127ca3c631ea3478d5c9909066b42c117aa72ce0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Felix Fietkau 127ca3c631 mt76: update to the latest version 5 months ago
  Felix Fietkau 4bd7689d85 mac80211: update sta connection monitor regression fix 5 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 0cfdc7d446 target: update SPDX license names 5 months ago
  Paul Spooren 8be2eb3b9b scripts: update SPDX license names 5 months ago
  Paul Spooren e8f61bf50d ath79: remove DTS from ATH79 target name 5 months ago
  David Bauer c5eea362f3 hostapd: ubus: make (B)SSID optional for neighbor report 5 months ago
  David Bauer 560e54c69e hostapd: ubus: send notification instead of event 5 months ago
  Chuanhong Guo 006cd489f0 mediatek: mt7622: select bluetooth module instead of firmware 5 months ago
  Chuanhong Guo 20f2bd044a mediatek: build btmtkuart as a kernel module 5 months ago
  David Bauer d643b10a76 hostapd: ubus: fix infinite loop when configuring RRM NR 5 months ago
  David Bauer 8e7aa739fb hostapd: send procd event on BSS update 5 months ago
  David Bauer 6254af0c37 hostapd: send ubus event on BSS update 5 months ago
  Stijn Segers ec80139629 odhcpd: number UCI defaults script 5 months ago
  Daniel Golle 236e79abb7 policycoreutils: fix ALTERNATIVES install location 5 months ago
  Daniel Golle 7817c831ef policycoreutils: break into smaller packages 5 months ago
  Daniel Golle 81d895d1f1 libselinux: split utility packages and add PKG_LICENSE 5 months ago
  Felix Fietkau 1c6d45644a mac80211: fix regression in station connection monitor optimization 5 months ago
  Rui Salvaterra 90853439a1 zram-swap: explicitly use mkswap/swapon/swapoff from /sbin 6 months ago
  Davide Fioravanti cd36c0d2f0 mac80211: select the first available channel for 5GHz interfaces 5 months ago
  David Woodhouse 7190fb2da4 mediatek: mt7623: use bash for generating bootable images 5 months ago
  David Woodhouse d10b738c4b mediatek: fix missing pause on switch port for Banana Pi R2 5 months ago
  David Woodhouse 9e7369d37e mediatek: mt7623n-preloader: add preloader for Banana Pi R64 5 months ago
  Adrian Schmutzler 95c9df7971 ipq806x: fix support of Edgecore ECW5410 support 5 months ago
  John Audia 770a9c6787 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.66 5 months ago
  John Thomson bf2870c1d9 kernel: fix mtd partition erase < parent_erasesize writes 6 months ago
  Andre Heider 8cfb839907 arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: add support for espressobin 1 year ago
  Andre Heider f6378b9e53 arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: update a3700-utils 6 months ago
  Andre Heider 65c1c91942 arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: update to v2.3 6 months ago
  Andre Heider 75e9d8e6e7 arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: install to own subdir 6 months ago
  Andre Heider 53065b2dee arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: fix compiler spam 6 months ago
  Andre Heider 847b5927c6 arm-trusted-firmware-mvebu: reuse default prepare target 6 months ago
  Andre Heider 72bb66caad uboot-mvebu: add support for espressobin 1 year ago
  Andre Heider ae2e521b34 uboot-mvebu: update to v2020.10-rc4 6 months ago
  Tony Ambardar 5582fbd613 bpftools: support NLS, fix ppc build and update to 5.8.9 6 months ago
  Tan Zien e826e00765 firmware: intel-microcode: update to 20200616 5 months ago
  Tan Zien 182c7d955f firmware: amd64-microcode: update to 20191218 5 months ago
  Aleksander Jan Bajkowski b0aff40ae3 kernel: drop kmod-bmp085, kmod-bmp085-i2c and kmod-bmp085-spi 5 months ago
  Tan Zien 4742ba41d0 kernel: add module support Intel Ethernet Controller I225 Series 5 months ago
  Yuan Tao 649e098ec0 tools/libressl: update to 3.2.1 5 months ago
  Felix Fietkau e18534f905 mt76: update to the latest version 5 months ago
  Rafał Miłecki 14247c82c0 rpcd: update to the latest master 5 months ago
  Rafał Miłecki c57b907f86 uhttpd: update to the latest master 5 months ago
  Roger Pueyo Centelles e6b42386ba ath79/mikrotik: fix soft_config location for SXT 5n 6 months ago
  Martin Schiller a594a5a330 lantiq: use uniform "u-boot-env" mtd label 5 months ago
  Vladimir Vid 9f0d882680 mvebu: image: add check for fdt_add_r and kernel_addr_r variables 5 months ago
  Felix Fietkau 4fb58813f9 mediatek: fix hardware flow offload 5 months ago
  David Bauer 520074e57e usbutils: update USB IDs to the latest version 5 months ago
  David Bauer c2e75017a2 libjson-c: update to 0.15 5 months ago
  David Bauer 056945faa4 ipq40xx: enable FRITZRepeater 3000 ports on switch 5 months ago
  David Bauer b7da0d2944 ath79: add support for Ubiquiti UniFi AP Pro 5 months ago