41903 Commits (5781fc6b3f4fade6229390c364c7d7cca514ec76)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant 5781fc6b3f build: Update README & github help 3 years ago
  Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant edf338f248 basefiles: Reword sysupgrade message 3 years ago
  David Bauer 6476148034 ath79: add support for OCEDO Raccoon 3 years ago
  Hauke Mehrtens da6c09eff4 kernel: move CONFIG_USB_MTU3 to generic config 3 years ago
  Hauke Mehrtens 29fa9ac559 kernel: disable some DRM_PANEL config options 3 years ago
  Ted Hess 328ddcf628 toolchain/nasm: Backport GCC8 compatibility fix from upstream repo 3 years ago
  Lucian Cristian 2d268c0710 ath79: disable unused drivers for tiny target 3 years ago
  Lucian Cristian 80e3a16fda ath79: optimize ath79 tiny target for size 3 years ago
  Christoph Krapp e420b7b5c5 ath79: add support for UniFi AC-Mesh Pro 3 years ago
  Ademar Arvati Filho 16d6a63f85 ramips: add support for Blueendless Kimax U35WF 3 years ago
  Mathias Kresin a28d686fb6 ar71xx: factor out safe loader image build code 3 years ago
  Mathias Kresin b908c82f49 ar71xx: drop unnecessary LOADER_TYPE variables 3 years ago
  Mathias Kresin a0ec632f8d ar71xx: get rid of copy-file 3 years ago
  Mathias Kresin 5260c1003c ar71xx: mikrotik: cleanup nand image build code 3 years ago
  INAGAKI Hiroshi 0b83a23560 ramips: add support for I-O DATA WN-AX1167GR 3 years ago
  Konstantin Demin f715d816b7 libnl: bump to 3.4.0 3 years ago
  Vladimir Vid 856cc6d999 uboot-imx: bump to 2018.03 which fixes the build issues with fdt64_t redefinitions 3 years ago
  Sven Eckelmann 87493dac11 mac80211: initialize sinfo in cfg80211_get_station 3 years ago
  Sven Eckelmann 1c01e02575 ath10k-ct: search DT for BDF variant info 3 years ago
  Jeremiah McConnell 206fbbfec2 config: add config option for KERNEL_TASKSTATS 3 years ago
  Hauke Mehrtens b19622044d mbedtls: Activate deterministic ECDSA 3 years ago
  Daniel Engberg 5a078180d0 mbedtls: Disable MBEDTLS_SHA256_SMALLER implementation 3 years ago
  Daniel Engberg 10554cfcc1 mbedtls: Update to 2.11.0 3 years ago
  Daniel Engberg f15f3286e3 mbedtls: cleanup config patch 3 years ago
  Daniel Engberg 3accbc6aac sunxi: Enable SD block devices 3 years ago
  Alexandru Ardelean 7de50d1917 brcm2708: platform.sh: fix tar directory directive 3 years ago
  Enrico Mioso 231b0177fb libconfig: update to version 1.7.2 3 years ago
  Luis Araneda 8f60c3d571 kernel: remove DEVMEM and DEVKMEM from target's config 3 years ago
  Tim Small e97aaf483c WDR4900v1 remove dt node for absent hw crypto. 3 years ago
  Yousong Zhou 191078e83d ca-certificates: ca-bundle: add symlink for openssl default setting 3 years ago
  Antti Seppälä 9f451ec698 kernel: usb: dwc2 DMA alignment fixes 3 years ago
  Florian Eckert c79ef6fbe3 linux: update license tag to use correct SPDX tag 3 years ago
  Felix Fietkau d3a7587eb9 toolchain/nasm: fix missing AR/RANLIB variables 3 years ago
  Felix Fietkau bf136c637c perf: remove linux 4.4 workarounds 3 years ago
  Felix Fietkau c3bdb89e61 kernel: remove linux 4.4 support 3 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 1e6c30690c libubox: update to the latest version 3 years ago
  Zoltan HERPAI 10e393262c firmware: amd64-microcode: update to 20180524 3 years ago
  Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant 4bd4ece9ea kmod-sched-cake: bump to latest 20180706 3 years ago
  Hannu Nyman 7ec931b7f0 tools/ccache: update to 3.4.2 3 years ago
  Hannu Nyman 55fa8068c4 tools/cmake: update to 3.11.4 3 years ago
  Ted Hess 0f543883cd toolchain: Replace YASM with NASM 3 years ago
  Yousong Zhou 9009efa18b download.mk: enable DownloadMethod/github_archive 3 years ago
  Yousong Zhou 04b9f85873 scripts/dl_github_archive.py: rename from download.py 3 years ago
  Yousong Zhou e48ea13b3b download.mk: add more comments 3 years ago
  Yousong Zhou eb6759cc78 fixup-makefile.pl: fixup when PKG_SOURCE is defined elsewhere 3 years ago
  Luiz Angelo Daros de Luca b724443f9f elfutils: bump to 0.173 3 years ago
  Koen Vandeputte d0839e020d kernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.53 3 years ago
  Koen Vandeputte 01ca20cdfd kernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.111 3 years ago
  Christoph Krapp 8722c52b41 ath79: remove bs-partition ro-flag for UniFi AC devices 3 years ago
  Aleksandr V. Piskunov 63c9081c77 ath79: swap TP-Link Archer C7 v2 USB port LED and GPIO names 3 years ago