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Daniel Engberg cf443e84f5 tools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.45.5 2 weeks ago
autoconf treewide: clean up download hashes 3 years ago
automake tools/automake: Revert "Do not use $(V) - force AM_V=1" 3 months ago
b43-tools tools/b43-tools/b43-fwsquash: convert to Python 3 with 2-to-3 6 months ago
bc Revert "bc: update to 1.07.1" 9 months ago
bison tools/bison: update to 3.5 4 weeks ago
cbootimage tools: add cbootimage for tegra 10 months ago
cbootimage-configs tools: add cbootimage-configs for tegra 10 months ago
ccache ccache: update to 3.7.7 1 month ago
cmake tools/cmake: update to 3.16.2 1 month ago
coreutils tools/coreutils: install "touch" 4 months ago
dosfstools add PKG_CPE_ID ids to package and tools 2 years ago
e2fsprogs tools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.45.5 18 hours ago
elftosb treewide: clean up download hashes 3 years ago
expat tools/expat: change package source to GitHub 2 months ago
findutils tools: findutils: fix compilation with glibc 2.28 1 year ago
firmware-utils firmware-utils: add lxlfw tool for generating Luxul firmwares 1 week ago
flex flex: Add a lex symlink 1 year ago
flock tools: flock: add NFSv4 compatibility 3 years ago
genext2fs treewide: clean up download hashes 3 years ago
gengetopt tools/gengetopt: Update to 2.23 7 months ago
gmp tools/gmp: Remove obsolete options 19 hours ago
include tools: Update endian definitions for Mac OSX 1 year ago
isl tools/isl: update to 0.20 11 months ago
kernel2minor tools: kernel2minor: update to latest version 1 year ago
libelf tools: libelf: fix headers to trigger -Wundef warnings 5 months ago
libressl tools/libressl: Update to 3.0.2 19 hours ago
libtool add PKG_CPE_ID ids to package and tools 2 years ago
lzma treewide: clean up download hashes 3 years ago
lzma-old tools/zlib: move zlib build to tools 1 year ago
m4 tools: m4: fix compilation with glibc 2.28 1 year ago
make-ext4fs make_ext4fs: Update to version 2020-01-05 1 month ago
missing-macros tools: remove a bunch of unused automake macros 5 years ago
mkimage tools/mkimage: Update U-Boot to version 2019.07 5 months ago
mklibs tools/mklibs: update to 0.1.44 and convert to Python 3 6 months ago
mm-macros tools/mm-macros: Update to 0.9.12 1 year ago
mpc tools/mpc: Update to 1.1.0 2 years ago
mpfr tools/mpfr: Update to 4.0.2 1 year ago
mtd-utils tools/mtd-utils: update to 2.1.1 5 months ago
mtools tools/mtools: Update to 4.0.23 1 year ago
padjffs2 tools: padjffs2: add option to output padding data to stdout 3 years ago
patch tools/patch: apply upstream patch for cve-2019-13638 6 months ago
patch-image tools: patch-image: fix file descriptor leak. 3 years ago
patchelf tools/patchelf: Update to 0.10 19 hours ago
pkg-config tools/pkg-config: Handle variable substitution of 'bindir' to redirect to STAGING_DIR/bin 1 year ago
qemu tools: qemu: Add patches to support adapter_type and monolithicFlat 1 month ago
quilt tools/quilt: update to 0.66 2 months ago
sdimage tools/sdimage: Fix build with host Linux headers < 3.18 1 year ago
sed tools/sed: Update to 4.8 19 hours ago
sparse sparse: updated to version 0.5.2 1 year ago
squashfs add PKG_CPE_ID ids to package and tools 2 years ago
squashfskit4 tools/squashfskit: fix version detection on non-linux system 11 months ago
sstrip tools/sstrip: Fix compile under standard linux. 2 years ago
tar tools: tar: update to version 1.32 11 months ago
upslug2 upslug2: Update to git repository 5 months ago
wrt350nv2-builder wrt350nv2-builder: Fix memory leak 1 month ago
xz tools/xz: Compile with PIC to fix linking errors 10 months ago
zip tools: zip: add option for reproducible archives 1 year ago
zlib tools: zlib: do not hardcode the install prefix in zlib.pc 1 year ago
Makefile rules.mk: remove "$(STAGING_DIR)/include" 3 months ago