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John Audia 770a9c6787 kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.66 4 months ago
site Revert faulty tree push 1 year ago
autotools.mk autotools.mk: autoreconf: fix missing install-sh 1 year ago
cmake.mk cmake: Disable use of package registries 4 months ago
debug.mk include: remove trailing whitespaces 5 years ago
depends.mk build: add missing wildcard for ignoring .pkgdir in dependency checks 4 years ago
device_table.txt image: ensure that /dev/console exist in rootfs images 7 years ago
download.mk build: add zstd support to pack/unpack functions 7 months ago
feeds.mk build: suppress error output in feeds.mk 1 year ago
hardened-ld-pie.specs build: add hardened builds with PIE (ASLR) support 3 years ago
hardening.mk buildsystem: Make PIE ASLR option tristate 1 year ago
host-build.mk build: improve ccache support 6 months ago
image-commands.mk build: improve message for incompatible image on "legacy" devices 5 months ago
image-legacy.mk image: fix ar71xx legacy images 3 years ago
image.mk build: unbreak fakeroot in SDK 4 months ago
kernel-build.mk build: add 'make kernel_xconfig' command 6 months ago
kernel-defaults.mk kernel-defaults: ensure SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH on /init 1 year ago
kernel-version.mk kernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.66 4 months ago
kernel.mk build: move symvers files to kernel build dir 9 months ago
netfilter.mk kernel: remove obsolete kernel version switches for 4.14 4 months ago
nls.mk treewide: fix build depends to refer to source package names 3 years ago
package-bin.mk build: use if-then to avoid non-zero return codes in bin/ packaging code 4 years ago
package-defaults.mk build: allow file modes per binary package 4 months ago
package-dumpinfo.mk build: expose ABI version in .packageauxvars 2 years ago
package-ipkg.mk build: allow file modes per binary package 4 months ago
package-seccomp.mk include: add a seccomp filter install wrapper 5 years ago
package.mk build: fix extreme build system slowdown caused by SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH changes 4 months ago
prereq-build.mk build: set up host command for egrep 5 months ago
prereq.mk build: cleanup possibly dangling Python 2 host symlink 1 year ago
quilt.mk build: Use LINUX_DIR for Kernel/Patch 1 year ago
rootfs.mk treewide: replace `which` with `command -v` 5 months ago
scan.awk build: propagate override information to .packageinfo 6 years ago
scan.mk build: have scripts/feeds honor all toplevel .mk-files of a feed 1 year ago
shell.sh build: use mkhash to replace various quirky md5sum/openssl calls 4 years ago
subdir.mk build: remove GNU time dependency 2 years ago
target.mk build: sort default packages and split by newlines 4 months ago
toolchain-build.mk toolchain: Include hardening.mk for toolchain build 2 years ago
toplevel.mk Revert "build: create tmp/userids file" 4 months ago
u-boot.mk u-boot.mk: switch download to https 8 months ago
uclibc++.mk libcxx: Add package 1 year ago
unpack.mk build: add zstd support to pack/unpack functions 7 months ago
verbose.mk include/verbose.mk: Add sc to failure message 2 years ago
version.mk build: switch VERSION_REPO to HTTPS 4 months ago