326 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Felix Fietkau 2537be0185 cmake: add a possibility to set library version 3 months ago
  Daniel Golle d1d9ddf98d ubusd: attempt to create socket folder 5 months ago
  Ansuel Smith ad0cd117db ubusd_acl: add support for wildcard in methods 7 months ago
  Daniel Golle 13a4438b4e ubus: move /var/run/ubus.sock to /var/run/ubus/ubus.sock 7 months ago
  Petr Štetiar 13efd05c1b tests: cram: fix usage test 9 months ago
  Rafał Miłecki 59835ae530 cli: document usage of "subscribe" command 10 months ago
  Alin Nastac 171469e313 lua: avoid truncation of large numeric values 1 year ago
  Peter Stadler d35df8adda ubus: make libubus ready for linking into C++ 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar 041c9d1c05 ubusd/libubus-io: fix socket descriptor passing 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar 8f2292478c ci: enable unit testing 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar a1523d76b0 fix blob parsing vulnerability by using blob_parse_untrusted 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar c60583743c ubus_monitor: workaround possibly false positive uses of memory after it is freed 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar dac6c7c575 ubusd_monitor: fix possible null pointer dereference 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar 060dfbb26d ubus_common: remove duplicate ARRAY_SIZE and add missing include 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar c5f2053dfc workaround possibly false positive uses of memory after it is freed 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar 72be8e93f0 lua: ubus_lua_do_subscribe: fix copy&paste error 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar a995b1e681 lua: workaround false positive dereference of null pointer 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar 08f17c87a0 add fuzzer and cram based unit tests 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar c413be9b37 refactor ubusd.c into reusable ubusd_library 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar afd47189e8 examples: remove dead increments 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar b2e5442386 add initial GitLab CI support 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar 058f4e9526 libubus: fix incompatible pointer types assigment 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar d2e026a33d iron out all extra compiler warnings 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar 5d7ca8309d ubusd/libubus-io: fix variable sized struct position warning 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar d61282db56 ubusd: fix comparison of integers of different signs 1 year ago
  Petr Štetiar 90fb16234c cmake: enable extra compiler checks 1 year ago
  Alban Bedel 2e051f6289 ubus: Support static builds 2 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 588baa3cd7 ubusd: retry sending messages on EINTR 2 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 76ea27a627 libubus: attempt to receive data before calling poll 2 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 4daab27d00 libubus: do not abort recv_retry before completing a message 2 years ago
  Hans Dedecker 221ce7e7ff ubusd_acl: event send access list support 3 years ago
  Hans Dedecker da503db660 ubusd_acl: event listen access list support 3 years ago
  Hans Dedecker c035bab01c ubusd_acl: rework wildcard support 3 years ago
  Hans Dedecker 73bd84748f ubusd_event: move strmatch_len to ubus_common.h 3 years ago
  Marcus Comstedt 0327a91beb ubus/lua: add support for BLOBMSG_TYPE_DOUBLE 3 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 40e0931e70 libubus: pass an empty UBUS_ATTR_DATA block if msg is NULL on invoke 3 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 884be45162 libubus: check for non-NULL data before running callbacks 3 years ago
  Dirk Feytons 5bae22eb54 ubus/lua: pass notification name to callback 3 years ago
  John Crispin 212ceb1b02 valgrind complained about these 3 years ago
  John Crispin d57907c2b3 fix invalid close() call 3 years ago
  Alexandru Ardelean 5f87f5480e ubusd: move global retmsg per client 4 years ago
  Alexandru Ardelean 27d712d394 ubusd_monitor: alloc & free the buffer outside of the loop 4 years ago
  Alexandru Ardelean be146ad2bc ubusd: rename goto label from `error` to `out` 4 years ago
  Alexandru Ardelean e02813b2cc ubusd: don't free messages in ubus_send_msg() anymore 4 years ago
  Bob Ham 6d1ea6c33d libubus: Fix deletion from context's object AVL tree when removing object 4 years ago
  Rosen Penev 9c13096b16 ubus: Remove unnecessary memset calls. 4 years ago
  John Crispin 24ffe9b582 libubus-req: add data_cb callback handling for ubus notifications 4 years ago
  Hans Dedecker 34c6e818e4 cli: fix listen_timeout compile issue 4 years ago
  Hans Dedecker dfe338350e libubus: reset ctx->sock.error when doing ubus reconnect 4 years ago
  Felix Fietkau 6eb3c9647e cli: do not use default timeout for listen 4 years ago