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# doesn't allow every push to be scanned.
# So this script pushes znc/znc to znc/coverity no more than once a day, with modified .travis.yml
import datetime
import subprocess
import sys
import yaml
subprocess.check_call(['git remote add coverity github:znc/coverity.git'], shell=True)
subprocess.check_call(['git fetch coverity'], shell=True)
commits_today = subprocess.check_output(['git log --since=today.midnight --oneline coverity/coverity_scan || true'], shell=True)
if len(commits_today) > 0:
print('There were already commits today in coverity_scan')
# Get "install:" from .travis.yml, the rest from .travis-coverity.yml
with open('.travis.yml') as f:
t = yaml.load(f)
with open('.travis-coverity.yml') as f:
c = yaml.load(f)
# Travis project of znc/coverity is not multi-os
c['install'] = ['export TRAVIS_OS_NAME=linux'] + t['install']
with open('.travis.yml', 'w') as f:
print(yaml.dump(c, default_flow_style=False), file=f)
subprocess.check_call(['git checkout -b coverity_scan'], shell=True)
subprocess.check_call(['git commit .travis.yml -m"Automatic coverity scan for {}"'.format(], shell=True)
subprocess.check_call(['git push coverity coverity_scan -f'], shell=True)['git push coverity master'], shell=True)