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* Copyright (C) 2004-2022 ZNC, see the NOTICE file for details.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <znc/zncconfig.h>
#include <znc/Template.h>
#include <znc/HTTPSock.h>
#include <znc/Utils.h>
#include <znc/Translation.h>
class CAuthBase;
class CUser;
class CWebSock;
class CModule;
class CWebSubPage;
typedef std::shared_ptr<CWebSubPage> TWebSubPage;
typedef std::vector<TWebSubPage> VWebSubPages;
class CZNCTagHandler : public CTemplateTagHandler {
CZNCTagHandler(CWebSock& pWebSock);
virtual ~CZNCTagHandler() {}
bool HandleTag(CTemplate& Tmpl, const CString& sName, const CString& sArgs,
CString& sOutput) override;
CWebSock& m_WebSock;
class CWebSession {
CWebSession(const CString& sId, const CString& sIP);
CWebSession(const CWebSession&) = delete;
CWebSession& operator=(const CWebSession&) = delete;
const CString& GetId() const { return m_sId; }
const CString& GetIP() const { return m_sIP; }
CUser* GetUser() const { return m_pUser; }
time_t GetLastActive() const { return m_tmLastActive; }
bool IsLoggedIn() const { return m_pUser != nullptr; }
bool IsAdmin() const;
void UpdateLastActive();
CUser* SetUser(CUser* p) {
m_pUser = p;
return m_pUser;
void ClearMessageLoops();
void FillMessageLoops(CTemplate& Tmpl);
size_t AddError(const CString& sMessage);
size_t AddSuccess(const CString& sMessage);
CString m_sId;
CString m_sIP;
CUser* m_pUser;
VCString m_vsErrorMsgs;
VCString m_vsSuccessMsgs;
time_t m_tmLastActive;
class CWebSubPage {
CWebSubPage(const CString& sName, const CString& sTitle = "",
unsigned int uFlags = 0)
: m_uFlags(uFlags), m_sName(sName), m_Title(sTitle), m_vParams() {}
CWebSubPage(const CString& sName, const COptionalTranslation& Title,
const VPair& vParams, unsigned int uFlags = 0)
: m_uFlags(uFlags),
m_vParams(vParams) {}
virtual ~CWebSubPage() {}
enum { F_ADMIN = 1 };
void SetName(const CString& s) { m_sName = s; }
void SetTitle(const COptionalTranslation& s) {
m_Title = s;
void AddParam(const CString& sName, const CString& sValue) {
m_vParams.push_back(make_pair(sName, sValue));
bool RequiresAdmin() const { return m_uFlags & F_ADMIN; }
const CString& GetName() const { return m_sName; }
CString GetTitle() const { return m_Title.Resolve(); }
const VPair& GetParams() const { return m_vParams; }
unsigned int m_uFlags;
CString m_sName;
COptionalTranslation m_Title;
VPair m_vParams;
class CWebSessionMap : public TCacheMap<CString, std::shared_ptr<CWebSession>> {
CWebSessionMap(unsigned int uTTL = 5000)
: TCacheMap<CString, std::shared_ptr<CWebSession>>(uTTL) {}
void FinishUserSessions(const CUser& User);
class CWebSock : public CHTTPSock {
enum EPageReqResult {
PAGE_NOTFOUND, // print 404 and Close()
PAGE_PRINT, // print page contents and Close()
PAGE_DEFERRED, // async processing, Close() will be called from a
// different place
PAGE_DONE // all stuff has been done
CWebSock(const CString& sURIPrefix);
virtual ~CWebSock();
bool ForceLogin() override;
bool OnLogin(const CString& sUser, const CString& sPass,
bool bBasic) override;
void OnPageRequest(const CString& sURI) override;
EPageReqResult PrintTemplate(const CString& sPageName, CString& sPageRet,
CModule* pModule = nullptr);
EPageReqResult PrintStaticFile(const CString& sPath, CString& sPageRet,
CModule* pModule = nullptr);
CString FindTmpl(CModule* pModule, const CString& sName);
void PrintErrorPage(const CString& sMessage);
std::shared_ptr<CWebSession> GetSession();
Csock* GetSockObj(const CString& sHost, unsigned short uPort) override;
static CString GetSkinPath(const CString& sSkinName);
void GetAvailSkins(VCString& vRet) const;
CString GetSkinName();
CString GetRequestCookie(const CString& sKey);
bool SendCookie(const CString& sKey, const CString& sValue);
static void FinishUserSessions(const CUser& User);
CString GetCSRFCheck();
bool ValidateCSRFCheck(const CString& sURI);
using CHTTPSock::PrintErrorPage;
bool AddModLoop(const CString& sLoopName, CModule& Module,
CTemplate* pTemplate = nullptr);
VCString GetDirs(CModule* pModule, bool bIsTemplate);
void SetPaths(CModule* pModule, bool bIsTemplate = false);
void SetVars();
EPageReqResult OnPageRequestInternal(const CString& sURI,
CString& sPageRet);
bool m_bPathsSet;
CTemplate m_Template;
std::shared_ptr<CAuthBase> m_spAuth;
CString m_sModName;
CString m_sPath;
CString m_sPage;
std::shared_ptr<CWebSession> m_spSession;
static const unsigned int m_uiMaxSessions;