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* Copyright (C) 2004-2022 ZNC, see the NOTICE file for details.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef ZNC_H
#define ZNC_H
#include <znc/zncconfig.h>
#include <znc/Client.h>
#include <znc/Modules.h>
#include <znc/Socket.h>
#include <znc/Listener.h>
#include <znc/Translation.h>
#include <mutex>
#include <map>
#include <list>
class CListener;
class CUser;
class CIRCNetwork;
class CConnectQueueTimer;
class CConfigWriteTimer;
class CConfig;
class CFile;
class CZNC : private CCoreTranslationMixin {
CZNC(const CZNC&) = delete;
CZNC& operator=(const CZNC&) = delete;
enum ConfigState {
ECONFIG_NEED_QUIT, // Not really config...
void DeleteUsers();
void Loop();
bool WritePidFile(int iPid);
bool DeletePidFile();
bool WaitForChildLock();
bool IsHostAllowed(const CString& sHostMask) const;
// This returns false if there are too many anonymous connections from this
// ip
bool AllowConnectionFrom(const CString& sIP) const;
void InitDirs(const CString& sArgvPath, const CString& sDataDir);
bool OnBoot();
CString ExpandConfigPath(const CString& sConfigFile,
bool bAllowMkDir = true);
bool WriteNewConfig(const CString& sConfigFile);
bool WriteConfig();
bool ParseConfig(const CString& sConfig, CString& sError);
bool RehashConfig(CString& sError);
void BackupConfigOnce(const CString& sSuffix);
static CString GetVersion();
static CString GetTag(bool bIncludeVersion = true, bool bHTML = false);
static CString GetCompileOptionsString();
CString GetUptime() const;
/** @deprecated Since 1.7.0. List of allowed bind hosts was a flawed design. */
void ClearBindHosts() {}
/** @deprecated Since 1.7.0. List of allowed bind hosts was a flawed design. */
bool AddBindHost(const CString& sHost) { return false; }
/** @deprecated Since 1.7.0. List of allowed bind hosts was a flawed design. */
bool RemBindHost(const CString& sHost) { return false; }
void ClearTrustedProxies();
bool AddTrustedProxy(const CString& sHost);
bool RemTrustedProxy(const CString& sHost);
void Broadcast(const CString& sMessage, bool bAdminOnly = false,
CUser* pSkipUser = nullptr, CClient* pSkipClient = nullptr);
void AddBytesRead(unsigned long long u) { m_uBytesRead += u; }
void AddBytesWritten(unsigned long long u) { m_uBytesWritten += u; }
unsigned long long BytesRead() const { return m_uBytesRead; }
unsigned long long BytesWritten() const { return m_uBytesWritten; }
// Traffic fun
typedef std::pair<unsigned long long, unsigned long long> TrafficStatsPair;
typedef std::map<CString, TrafficStatsPair> TrafficStatsMap;
// Returns a map which maps user names to <traffic in, traffic out>
// while also providing the traffic of all users together, traffic which
// couldn't be accounted to any particular user and the total traffic
// generated through ZNC.
TrafficStatsMap GetTrafficStats(TrafficStatsPair& Users,
TrafficStatsPair& ZNC,
TrafficStatsPair& Total);
TrafficStatsMap GetNetworkTrafficStats(const CString& sUsername,
TrafficStatsPair& Total);
// Authenticate a user.
// The result is passed back via callbacks to CAuthBase.
void AuthUser(std::shared_ptr<CAuthBase> AuthClass);
// Setters
void SetConfigState(enum ConfigState e) {
std::lock_guard<std::mutex> guard(m_mutexConfigState);
m_eConfigState = e;
void SetSkinName(const CString& s) { m_sSkinName = s; }
void SetStatusPrefix(const CString& s) {
m_sStatusPrefix = (s.empty()) ? "*" : s;
void SetMaxBufferSize(unsigned int i) { m_uiMaxBufferSize = i; }
void SetAnonIPLimit(unsigned int i) { m_uiAnonIPLimit = i; }
void SetServerThrottle(unsigned int i) {
m_sConnectThrottle.SetTTL(i * 1000);
void SetProtectWebSessions(bool b) { m_bProtectWebSessions = b; }
void SetHideVersion(bool b) { m_bHideVersion = b; }
void SetAuthOnlyViaModule(bool b) { m_bAuthOnlyViaModule = b; }
void SetConnectDelay(unsigned int i);
void SetSSLCiphers(const CString& sCiphers) { m_sSSLCiphers = sCiphers; }
bool SetSSLProtocols(const CString& sProtocols);
void SetSSLCertFile(const CString& sFile) { m_sSSLCertFile = sFile; }
void SetConfigWriteDelay(unsigned int i) { m_uiConfigWriteDelay = i; }
// !Setters
// Getters
enum ConfigState GetConfigState() {
std::lock_guard<std::mutex> guard(m_mutexConfigState);
return m_eConfigState;
CSockManager& GetManager() { return m_Manager; }
const CSockManager& GetManager() const { return m_Manager; }
CModules& GetModules() { return *m_pModules; }
CString GetSkinName() const { return m_sSkinName; }
const CString& GetStatusPrefix() const { return m_sStatusPrefix; }
const CString& GetCurPath() const;
const CString& GetHomePath() const;
const CString& GetZNCPath() const;
CString GetConfPath(bool bAllowMkDir = true) const;
CString GetUserPath() const;
CString GetModPath() const;
CString GetPemLocation() const;
CString GetKeyLocation() const;
CString GetDHParamLocation() const;
const CString& GetConfigFile() const { return m_sConfigFile; }
bool WritePemFile();
/** @deprecated Since 1.7.0. List of allowed bind hosts was a flawed design. */
const VCString& GetBindHosts() const { return m_vsBindHosts; }
const VCString& GetTrustedProxies() const { return m_vsTrustedProxies; }
const std::vector<CListener*>& GetListeners() const {
return m_vpListeners;
time_t TimeStarted() const { return m_TimeStarted; }
unsigned int GetMaxBufferSize() const { return m_uiMaxBufferSize; }
unsigned int GetAnonIPLimit() const { return m_uiAnonIPLimit; }
unsigned int GetServerThrottle() const {
return m_sConnectThrottle.GetTTL() / 1000;
unsigned int GetConnectDelay() const { return m_uiConnectDelay; }
bool GetProtectWebSessions() const { return m_bProtectWebSessions; }
bool GetHideVersion() const { return m_bHideVersion; }
bool GetAuthOnlyViaModule() const { return m_bAuthOnlyViaModule; }
CString GetSSLCiphers() const { return m_sSSLCiphers; }
CString GetSSLProtocols() const { return m_sSSLProtocols; }
Csock::EDisableProtocol GetDisabledSSLProtocols() const {
return static_cast<Csock::EDisableProtocol>(m_uDisabledSSLProtocols);
CString GetSSLCertFile() const { return m_sSSLCertFile; }
static VCString GetAvailableSSLProtocols();
unsigned int GetConfigWriteDelay() const { return m_uiConfigWriteDelay; }
// !Getters
// Static allocator
static void CreateInstance();
static CZNC& Get();
static void DestroyInstance();
CUser* FindUser(const CString& sUsername);
CModule* FindModule(const CString& sModName, const CString& sUsername);
CModule* FindModule(const CString& sModName, CUser* pUser);
/** Reload a module everywhere
* This method will unload a module globally, for a user and for each
* network. It will then reload them all again.
* @param sModule The name of the module to reload
bool UpdateModule(const CString& sModule);
bool DeleteUser(const CString& sUsername);
bool AddUser(CUser* pUser, CString& sErrorRet, bool bStartup = false);
const std::map<CString, CUser*>& GetUserMap() const { return (m_msUsers); }
// Listener yummy
CListener* FindListener(u_short uPort, const CString& BindHost,
EAddrType eAddr);
bool AddListener(CListener*);
bool AddListener(unsigned short uPort, const CString& sBindHost,
const CString& sURIPrefix, bool bSSL, EAddrType eAddr,
CListener::EAcceptType eAccept, CString& sError);
bool DelListener(CListener*);
// Message of the Day
void SetMotd(const CString& sMessage) {
void AddMotd(const CString& sMessage) {
if (!sMessage.empty()) {
void ClearMotd() { m_vsMotd.clear(); }
const VCString& GetMotd() const { return m_vsMotd; }
// !MOTD
void AddServerThrottle(CString sName) {
m_sConnectThrottle.AddItem(sName, true);
bool GetServerThrottle(CString sName) {
bool* b = m_sConnectThrottle.GetItem(sName);
return (b && *b);
void AddNetworkToQueue(CIRCNetwork* pNetwork);
std::list<CIRCNetwork*>& GetConnectionQueue() { return m_lpConnectQueue; }
// This creates a CConnectQueueTimer if we haven't got one yet
void EnableConnectQueue();
void DisableConnectQueue();
void PauseConnectQueue();
void ResumeConnectQueue();
void ForceEncoding();
void UnforceEncoding();
bool IsForcingEncoding() const;
CString FixupEncoding(const CString& sEncoding) const;
// Never call this unless you are CConnectQueueTimer::~CConnectQueueTimer()
void LeakConnectQueueTimer(CConnectQueueTimer* pTimer);
void DisableConfigTimer();
static void DumpConfig(const CConfig* Config);
static CString FormatBindError();
CFile* InitPidFile();
bool ReadConfig(CConfig& config, CString& sError);
bool LoadGlobal(CConfig& config, CString& sError);
bool LoadUsers(CConfig& config, CString& sError);
bool LoadListeners(CConfig& config, CString& sError);
void UnloadRemovedModules(const MCString& msModules);
bool HandleUserDeletion();
CString MakeConfigHeader();
bool AddListener(const CString& sLine, CString& sError);
bool AddListener(CConfig* pConfig, CString& sError);
time_t m_TimeStarted;
enum ConfigState m_eConfigState;
std::mutex m_mutexConfigState;
std::vector<CListener*> m_vpListeners;
std::map<CString, CUser*> m_msUsers;
std::map<CString, CUser*> m_msDelUsers;
CSockManager m_Manager;
CString m_sCurPath;
CString m_sZNCPath;
CString m_sConfigFile;
CString m_sSkinName;
CString m_sStatusPrefix;
CString m_sPidFile;
CString m_sSSLCertFile;
CString m_sSSLKeyFile;
CString m_sSSLDHParamFile;
CString m_sSSLCiphers;
CString m_sSSLProtocols;
VCString m_vsBindHosts; // TODO: remove (deprecated in 1.7.0)
VCString m_vsTrustedProxies;
VCString m_vsMotd;
CFile* m_pLockFile;
unsigned int m_uiConnectDelay;
unsigned int m_uiAnonIPLimit;
unsigned int m_uiMaxBufferSize;
unsigned int m_uDisabledSSLProtocols;
CModules* m_pModules;
unsigned long long m_uBytesRead;
unsigned long long m_uBytesWritten;
std::list<CIRCNetwork*> m_lpConnectQueue;
CConnectQueueTimer* m_pConnectQueueTimer;
unsigned int m_uiConnectPaused;
unsigned int m_uiForceEncoding;
TCacheMap<CString> m_sConnectThrottle;
bool m_bProtectWebSessions;
bool m_bHideVersion;
bool m_bAuthOnlyViaModule;
CTranslationDomainRefHolder m_Translation;
unsigned int m_uiConfigWriteDelay;
CConfigWriteTimer* m_pConfigTimer;
#endif // !ZNC_H