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@ -6,12 +6,14 @@ A proper IRC bot.
## Overview
squircy3 is a cross-platform application written in Go that works nearly
anywhere. A plugin architecture enables the bot's capabilities and
functionality to expand and support anything.
squircy3 is also a framework based around a plugin architecture that can be
extended to support new and custom functionality.
Core plugins provide IRC client functionality, central configuration, and
an embedded JavaScript runtime. Other built-in plugins provide NodeJS
compatibility including support for ES6+ features through babel.
compatibility including support for ES2017+ features through babel.js.
## Getting started
@ -27,23 +29,106 @@ make all
The main `squircy` executable and all built plugins will be in `out/` after
a successful build.
Run `squircy` in interactive mode with `-interactive`.
Run `squircy` in interactive mode with `-interactive` and specify the `out/`
directory as the root.
> squircy creates the root directory if it does not yet exist. If the root
does not contain config.toml or package.json, defaults will be created.
out/squircy -interactive
out/squircy -interactive -root out
This will automatically create `config.toml` and `package.json` within the
`out/` directory. The default configuration enables all plugins available
and connects to freenode. As such, on the first run, expect to see some
> Expect to see some warnings on the first run. All plugins are enabled, by
default, so NodeJS dependencies must be installed for everything to function.
Modify the default configuration in `out/config.toml` as necessary. Comment
out or remove the plugins listed under `extra_plugins` to disable any
unwanted plugins.
To get the babel and node_compat plugins working, install Node dependencies
using npm or yarn.
yarn --cwd out install
For more information on plugins, [see the section below](#Plugins)
### Docker
Run squircy3 in Docker using the `veonik/squircy3` image hosted on Docker Hub.
docker run --it veonik/squircy3:latest
docker run -it veonik/squircy3:latest
## Configuration
squircy3 is configured using the TOML file `config.toml` below the bot's root
> See [config.toml.dist](config.toml.dist) for the reference version of this file.
By default, the root directory is `~/.squircy`. If the root directory does not
exist, it will be created and a default configuration will be populated.
squircy3 can also be configured using command line flags. Run `squircy -h` for
a full list of available options.
## Plugins
The `plugin` subpackage provides the interface for loading and managing plugins
within squircy3.
Plugins may be built-in to the binary application, or built as shared libraries
(.so files) that can be loaded at runtime.
### Core Plugins
Core plugins are built-in to the squircy application and are always loaded.
- `config` is a framework for pluggable, dynamic configuration management.
- `event` is an event dispatcher, allowing for decoupled communication between
plugins and user scripts.
- `vm` is a javascript interpreter that supports ECMAScript 5.1 out of the box.
- The `vm` plugin includes a mostly Node-compatible `require()` function.
- This plugin also provides a concurrent-safe way to invoke some javascript
and retrieve the result whether it is sync or async.
- `irc` is an IRC client that utilizes the event dispatcher from the event
package to notify the application of messages, etc.
### Extra Plugins
Extra plugins are available to extend default functionality. These are built
as shared libraries and loaded at runtime using the Go plugin API.
- `babel` provides a transparent ES2017+ transpilation layer so that modern
features can be used such as classes and async/await.
- The `babel` plugin requires external NodeJS dependencies to operate.
Use [package.json](package.json) as a starting point for installing these.
- `node_compat` adds an additional layer of compatibility with standard NodeJS
- This is extremely incomplete but currently supports: `event.EventEmitter`,
NodeJS Streams (`stream`), `child_process.spawn()`, `crypto.Sha1` and
`crypto.createHash`, and basic forms of `net.Server` and `net.Socket`.
- This plugin also loads the `regenerator-runtime` which allows Generators
(ie. `function*` and `yield`) and async/await to function.
- `squircy2_compat` provides a compatibility layer with
- `script` loads javascript files from a configured folder at app startup.
## Related Projects
- **[squirssi](** is an irssi clone using
squircy3 as the base framework. squirssi is actually just a squircy3 plugin and
thin wrapper around the squircy3/cli subpackage.
- [squircy2]( is the predecessor to squircy3.