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  Tyler Sommer c6e17a4bbe
Add packr2 to Dockerfile build step 4 months ago
  Tyler Sommer 7e010c7af3
Update README.md 4 months ago
  Tyler Sommer 477c563542
Inherit base path, add many cmdline flags, tidy up log output 4 months ago
  Tyler Sommer d2f6a613d7
Add godoc to plugin subpackage 4 months ago
  Tyler Sommer 8c027049cf
Add config.WithValuesFromMap 4 months ago
  Tyler Sommer 0c12899c88
Add inherited options and values from flagset to config 4 months ago
  vulski 8dbe2bd6e5
Update README.md (#1) 4 months ago
  Tyler Sommer 9d48ea7df7
Improve logging output a bit 5 months ago
  Tyler Sommer 9d4268893e
Configurable VERSION string, improve IRC disconnect handling 5 months ago
  Tyler Sommer a6ef0aa7a5
Handle IRC errors a bit better 5 months ago
  Tyler Sommer a0f5591825
Add generic shutdown handling in manager and plugin 5 months ago
  Tyler Sommer 82d536b9a5
Add ability to specify server password in irc plugin 5 months ago
  Tyler Sommer a502195da3
Increase default Dispatcher limit to 1024 5 months ago
  Tyler Sommer ed20f8761f
Convert node_compat/internal to node_compat/native 5 months ago
  Tyler Sommer 86f0894e12
Extract manager to cli package 5 months ago
  Tyler Sommer 3ccbcd3262
Update goja, peg js deps to specific version 8 months ago
  Tyler Sommer e9caee8cb4
Resolve Promises with AsyncResult, work on net node_compat 9 months ago
  Tyler Sommer 89fac8b64c
Add sha1 and crypto stub 1 year ago
  Tyler Sommer 2830953d52
Add basic repl, fix some data races, add tests 1 year ago
  Tyler Sommer c3d2f3982e
Ready-to-use docker image, update README 1 year ago
  Tyler Sommer e3c2f5c19a
Reduce boilerplate for plugins, allow circular requires 1 year ago
  Tyler Sommer 639b3c663d
Fix formatted print calls 1 year ago
  Tyler Sommer bcfe199c31
Add node_compat plugin, enhance require(), support []string in config 1 year ago
  Tyler Sommer b575c85053
Add context to errors in squircy2_compat 1 year ago
  Tyler Sommer 8c23abc08b
Reload the world 1 year ago
  Tyler Sommer 1201a8dd50
Life, the universe, and everything 1 year ago