• Pre-Release v0.10.0 c6e17a4bbe

    Improved first-run experience

    tyler-sommer released this 2 years ago | 12 commits to master since this release

    Changes since v0.9.0:

    • config: Add postSetupOption for SetupOptions that should run after all others (ie. WithValuesFrom* methods).
    • config: Add WithValuesFromFlagSet and support for mapping flags to config options and sections.
    • config: Add WithValuesFromMap and support for populating a config with data from an arbitrary map.
    • config: Add Self method to config.Config interface.
    • config: Rename (unexport) config.Configurable to config.configurable.
    • cli: Add PluginOptions and LogLevel to cli.Config struct.
    • cli: LogLevel can be set from the TOML config file.
    • plugin: Rename InitHandler interface to PluginInitHandler to make obvious the difference between it and ShutdownHandler
      • PluginInitHandlers are called whenever a single plugin is initialized while ShutdownHandlers are called all at once and only once when the application is shutting down.
    • cmd/squircy: Add command line flags for all options available in built-in irc and vm plugins.
      • Flags follow the convention of -<plugin>-<option> with all underscores _ replaced with dashes -.
      • For example, configure the irc plugin:
        squircy -irc-nick johndoe -irc-username notrealjohn -irc-network weber.freenode.org:6697
    • cmd/squircy: Add command line flag -plugin-option for configuring extra plugins from the command line.
      • For example, to change the enable_exec option of the node_compat plugin, pass:
        squircy -plugin-option node-compat-enable-exec=true
        Or set enabled for the babel plugin:
        squircy -plugin-option babel-enabled=false
    • cmd/squircy: Fix root directory creation so the directory is created with the proper FileMode.
    • cmd/squircy: Add automatic creation of default starting files in root directory, if they do not exist.
      • Static files are embedded using packr2.
    • cmd/squircy: Add minimal config.toml and package.json to embedded static files.
    • node_compat: Add check to ensure babel is loaded and enabled before node_compat will function.
    • vm, script, squircy2_compat: Inherit RootDir option and prefix relative paths in plugin configs with RootDir.
    • various: added godocs, improved logging output consistency
    • updated README!
  • Pre-Release v0.9.0 9d48ea7df7


    tyler-sommer released this 2 years ago | 19 commits to master since this release

    This is the first tagged release of squircy3 mostly just as a line in the sand. The codebase has been pretty stable with no major changes and this marks the first step toward a v1.0.0 release.